• Rugged, aggressive 1:10 design
  • Great attention to detail
  • Strong motor
  • Customizable and adjustable
  • Includes decals
  • Battery and charger included


  • Some gears are plastic
  • Motor is not well weatherproofed
  • No spur cover
  • Doesn’t do too well in the mud

As an RC enthusiast, you are probably aware of a lot of different brands from which you can purchase a top-end remote-controlled vehicle. Some of them focus on speed on the asphalt, others are all about handling and maneuverability for technical driving. Off-roading vehicles are also very popular.If you are considering purchasing an RC truck that is capable of handling the harshest trail conditions with ease, you might want to look to Redcat Racing. This company was established in 2005 and has become a top name in purpose-built off-road-ready RC trucks.One of the newest offerings from Redcat Racing is the Everest Gen7 Pro. Boasting killer performance and a durable and aggressive vibe, this truck is ready to hit the trail right out of the box. If you are considering picking up one of these trucks, check out this comprehensive overview before you buy.

Body and Chassis


When you look at the Everest Gen7 Pro, the first thing you will notice is the rugged and in-your-face vibe that the truck gives off. It rides high, has sharp angles, and includes a vented hood and a functional bull bar. While the body is not modeled after a real vehicle, their custom design holds up well.

One of the best parts about the body is the way that it is attached. Using their proprietary body tilt system, Redcat Racing has given the user easy access to the battery and electronics. It is held in place by a hook and loop design. However, it includes body clip-style mounts as well, if that is what you prefer.


The 3mm powdered steel ladder frame chassis has proven itself time and again in the RC rock-crawling community. It was designed by BPC Custom Chassis alongside TG2 – both of whom are innovative and experienced in the scale and 1:1 rock-crawling worlds. This durable, strong chassis is a great base.

Redcat Racing’s Everest Gen7 Pro is one of the stronger vehicles on the market. Due to the chassis playing a central role in how the entire vehicle is put together, everything is much more solid. After all, parts are less likely to break when they are attached to a core component like the chassis.

​Key Note: Roll Cage

The fully-functional roll cage is a boon to all RC enthusiasts. It will prevent the body and electronics from sustaining too much damage if the vehicle rolls or tips – which is bound to happen in a trail environment. It is directly mounted to the rear of the chassis, providing top-notch sturdiness. It is important to note that the roll cage is directly attached to the fenders and roof rack as well. This adds increased durability to every foundational part of the vehicle. Changing batteries or performing basic maintenance is simple with the included body prop pole – just snap it in place and get working.

​Body Details

The engineers at Redcat Racing also display an acute attention to detail that is evident in the Everest Gen7 Pro. They have created heavy-duty fenders (with integrated, functional rock sliders) to protect against side impacts. Plus, the molded inner fenders assist with durability and protecting the electronics.

A few more key exterior parts are worth mentioning. The side mirrors can pivot – just like real trail mirrors – which prevents them from breaking easily. There is also space for 6 LED lights. The bumpers are also detailed, including realistic recovery shackles on the front and a scale trailer hitch on the rear.

​Key Note: Decals

Included with each Everest Gen7 Pro are a few decal sheets. This will let you customize the design of the vehicle to your exact visual specifications. Plus, you will be able to stand apart from other owners of this RC truck by creating your own personal design.

Overall, the general construction of the Everest Gen7 Pro is admirable. It is clearly designed for less-than-optimum conditions and should withstand heavy use on the trail. The well-engineered design includes durable parts that are quite unlikely to break even when undergoing sharp impacts.

Power and Control


The motor offered on this vehicle is one of Redcat Racing’s proprietary 550 high-power brushed motors. These electronic motors are great for all sorts of conditions. They provide the torque necessary for riding the trails while also providing enough power to reach high speeds on the asphalt.


There is a basic but reliable transmission included on the Everest Gen7 Pro. It is capable of forward and reverse and does an effective job of transmitting power to the wheels. There are also upgrade parts available from the manufacturer that will increase the transmission’s durability and efficiency.

Speed Control

Another notable component of this RC truck is the new Hexfly Crawler speed control. It is one of the best speed controls in its class and is able to handle both NiMH and LiPo batteries. Plus, it includes three drag braking modes to select from – full-power, half-power, or drag braking can be turned off entirely.


The transmitter included with this model is the Redcat RCR-2CE radio. It boasts a compact, durable, and lightweight design, and runs off of four AA batteries. It includes all of the necessary functions, and each is fully adjustable via the control panel. It also includes a dust cover and can operate at extreme ranges.


It is important that a radio receiver is protected from the elements. It should also be compact but viable. The receiver included with the Everest Gen7 Pro has a small footprint and is also lightweight. It also boasts a waterproof design, so it will not be damaged by inclement weather.


Unlike many other RC vehicles, the Everest Gen7 Pro includes a battery. It will come with a 3000mAh NiMH battery. This is perfectly capable of running the vehicle, but it can also be replaced with a bigger battery. For example, a good mid-range improvement would be a 7.4v LiPO pack.

The power and control features of the Everest Gen7 Pro are standard, but efficient. They have elected not to add too many revolutionary features, which translates into a more focused driving experience. This vehicle has a clear purpose – tearing up the dirt and rocks of the trail.

Suspension and Drivetrain

​Axle Mounts

This vehicle includes 4-link mounts on both the front and rear of the vehicle. They are constructed of thick steel and will be very durable. With proper maintenance, there is no way that the axle mounts should ever come loose.

​Key Note: Skid Plates

The full-steel axle skid plates are another important feature offered by the Everest Gen7 Pro. They will protect the underside of the vehicle – most importantly the axles – from rocks and terrain. This means that a poor decision on the trail won’t put your Redcat Racing truck out of the running.

Key Note: Lockouts

Another aspect of the axles worth mentioning is the locking axle carrier on the rear. It makes use of a spool axle carrier – completely constructed out of metal – to lock up the wheels, maximizing grip in subpar conditions. Plus, though the motor makes a lot of torque, the heavy-duty ring gear can handle it.

Front Axles

The quality front axles in this vehicle make use of a constant velocity joint. This allows for the best possible operation in trail conditions. The user is able to steer at very sharp angles – making overcoming the most challenging off-road environments much simpler to accomplish.


One of the integral parts of any suspension is the shocks. These determine the body travel and many of the handling characteristics of a vehicle – RC or otherwise. This truck features oil-filled, high-performing coilover shocks. It also uses a threaded design for simple adjustments of spring height and preload.

The powerful suspension and drivetrain setup in the Everest Gen7 Pro should lend itself well to off-road use. It is highly-adjustable and well-protected. The system will be able to tackle even the roughest terrain and the harshest environments.

Steering, Wheels, and Tires

​Steering Servo

Steering requires an efficient way to transmit a lot of power to the column. With the included high-torque Hexfly servo, the Everest Gen7 Pro will not have a problem turning its wheels. Plus, all of the gears are made out of reinforced metal – meaning that it will operate flawlessly for a long time.


One of the best immersive features on this RC truck is the inclusion of the 1.9-inch True Beadlock Wheels. This multi-spoke design includes two 2mm steel rings that use hex screws to secure the tire. It is also quite easy to change out the tire foams with this user-friendly Beadlock design.


Fully-licensed IROK Super Swamper tires add to the appeal of this vehicle. They are an exact scale model of the real tires and were chosen for their real-life performance. The closed-cell tire foams also provide unmatched side wall strength. This allows for optimum performance in any conditions – trails or asphalt.

Looking at the steering, wheels, and tires, you will see that Redcat Racing provides top-of-the-line engineering in all aspects of RC construction. The design here is hardy and will last for a long time. Super Swamper tires have even been used on real-life rock-crawlers – a testament to their performance.

The Verdict: Is the Redcat Racing Everest Gen7 Pro Worth a Buy?

There are a few drawbacks to this vehicle that should be considered when making your decision. If you plan on taking it out in inclement weather bone-stock, you may want to consider a different RC crawler. For those who are concerned about the plastic gearing found in the transmission, there is an upgrade kit available from several different sites that comes in at less than $20 that includes all-metal gears. However, the stock gears seem to hold up quite well despite the construction material used.

While there are some minor flaws with the Everest Gen7 Pro – as there are with all ready-to-ride models – it is a great entry- or mid-level crawler. The durable design, exceptional power, and ease-of-use are perfect for a driver of any skill level. Plus, it is among the best-looking vehicles on the market.

This RC vehicle is perfectly serviceable in the condition it will arrive in. However, you should keep in mind that it also makes a fine base for a highly-customized crawler. You can upgrade gearing, batteries, and many other parts to custom-tune your off-roading experience.

All-in-all, the Everest Gen7 Pro will make a perfect addition to the collection of any serious RC hobbyist. Whether you leave it stock or turn it into a hard-riding custom machine, you will be pleased with your purchase. Thank you for reading this review and good luck making your purchase decision! Don’t forget to check out our Top 10 Crawler Guide for all the years top Trucks.