Hi my name is Michael Boover (my friends call me Mr.Mike). I am the lead editor and contributor here on 10TrailTrucks. I am a father of 2 and kid at heart. I still remember at the age of 8 getting my first true hobby grade RC as a gift. I was so excited! It was a 2WD Kyosho buggy. Looking back the tech was so primitive compared to what RC’s can do today. It came as a kit that I had to assemble and paint. I also had a old Futaba 2 channel radio my dad used for a RC plane project. I switched the crystals for land use and was off to the races. Those were good times.

I have been into the RC hobby most of my life dabbling with drones, planes, cars and trucks. But out of all the RC categories I still have a blast using my RC Crawlers and Trucks. The versatility, strength and technical driving these crawlers offer still amazes me. I have pretty much unloaded all my other RC gear and stuck with the trucks and drones.

All my experience in the RC Hobby got me thinking to team up with some club members and put together a great little site on RC Trucks to help people on they journey in the wonderful world of RC truckin’. So 10TrailTrucks was born. 10TrailTrucks gets it’s name as one of the primary site elements are the in depth Top 10 Buyers Guides. I tell you the current top choices I would recommend based on testing, reviews and club members opinions as well.

I have not made the best buying decisions and spent a lot of money on rubbish trucks over the years. Although this helped teach me to be pretty handy at field repairs and hop-ups. It also caused a fair bit of frustration. Driving out of town for a day of RC fun only to find out your truck has yet another issue is a real bummer.

My goal is to help you find the perfect truck here on 10TrailTrucks. Remember to always have fun and fell free to share your RC stories with my or our editors in the comments at the bottom of each article.


Happy Truckin’