RC Trophy Trucks & Short Course Stadium Trucks For Bashing or Racing

In this guide we will check out some of the best RC Trophy Trucks & Stadium Racers


Unlimited Desert Racer



  • Amazing scale realism from body to cockpit details
  • Powerful 6S power and brushless motor propels the UDR to 50+mph
  • Replica tube frame and rollcage
  • Replica BFG KR3 tires with 2 mounted functional spares
  • 4 inches of suspension travel eats up ruts and jumps
  • Waterproof electronics for wet weather bashing


  • Price is high for a SC truck but this offering is in on its own
  • Has weak servos common to many Traxxas RC's
  • Truck is tough but parts will break when run hard


There is really nothing like the Traxxas Ultimate Desert Racer! It's size suprised us but it is scaled perfectly to handle most terrains at speed with ease. The scale details are really amazing but hard to keep clean. For serious bashing, have some spare parts on hand. If your budget allows for it, get your hands on a UDR, you won't regret it.





  • Available in both 2WD and 4WD versions
  • Water sealed ESC and Receiver
  • Metal gear transmission
  • 30+ MPH
  • One of the best trucks for aftermarket support and hop-ups


  • Weak servo like many Traxxas RC's
  • Brushed motor
  • Included car charger is useless (when included with kit) so plan on purchasing a proper charger
  • Motor runs a bit hot


The Slash is one of the most popular RC trucks for a reason. It's available in both 2WD and 4WD versions depending on where you race. For the price, the 2WD version is a great valued truck with good performance. The included 12V "car" charger is a bit goofy so you will want to pick up a proper ac/dc charger.





  • Fast 35+ MPH
  • Fulltime 4WD for added control
  • Runs on industery standard 2.4ghz rc system with a pistol grip TX
  • All metal differential gearing


  • Not as durable as it's more expensive competitors
  • Not waterproof
  • Not as many hop-up options
  • Lower voltage system (7.4 volts)


For a ready-to-run 4WD track truck the Fighter can be had for a fraction of what a competive RC truck would cost. This truck is a 1/12 scale so a little on the small side but offers great performance. For a starter truck providing endless hours of fun, on a budget, the Tecesy Fighter can not be beat.

Top RC Trophy Truck,RC Short Course and RC Desert Bashers, blast into this epic hobby with our complete track truck buyers guide. If you are considering, researching or wondering what the best RC Trophy Truck options are currently available, this guide is just for you.

The RC Truck scene has exploded with all kinds of killer trucks purpose built for almost any type of bashing, crawling or racing. For high speed track racing and adrenaline pumping fun, a RC Trophy Truck is a must-have addition to your RC fleet.

There are now ton’s of RC Trophy and Short Course Trucks available, even in different scales, 2WD and 4WD. Picking the right truck will depend on what you plan to do with it and of course, budget. Short course racing is a blast and allows you to race with local enthusiasts and RC clubs. When purchasing a Race Truck you should contact your local club / track and find out what class trophy trucks they race. Some like to race in 2wd 1/10 while others race large 4wd 1/8 scale and some both.

No matter if you are a newbie, a seasonal enthusiast or a veteran, there are a few trucks to be on the lookout for 2018. Like all our buying guides we spend hours testing, researching and collaborating with our local RC club to determine what we feel are the best RC Trophy Trucks available today. 

For the best all round Trophy Truck, you will want to add the Traxxas UDR to your collection

One of the latest releases by Traxxas is an RC vehicle that can give you a taste of a genuine desert racing adventure. Its name is Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer. It comes in two models – Fox and RIGID, colored orange and red respectively. This Desert Racer was modeled with precision to be a ⅛-scale replica of a full-scale desert race truck. Its rugged tube chassis is true to scale and fully operational. With speeds reaching 50+ MPH and 6S power this truck is a true beast!

Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer (UDR)

Basher / Track


The amazing scale appearance does come at a price, though. When driven, the truck’s rear seems to slide around a bit too often. But, all things considered, that can be forgiven.

Thanks to the innovative inverted tub chassis, maintenance should be hassle-free. The battery compartment has its own, separate door, which makes battery replacement much easier. The battery compartment is quite versatile, as it can accommodate a wide variety of batteries.

For true Pro-Scale realism, authentic-looking chassis side plates mount straight onto the roll cage. Not only do they provide additional sternness to the overall structure, but they also prevent the debris from entering the cockpit. The greatest part of the chassis design is that, even without the body, the truck is going to look incredibly realistic.

Speaking of its body, the Unlimited Desert Racer is modeled with high precision in order to perfectly fit the frame. The interior is carefully designed to the minutest detail, which includes navigation, switches, safety gear, radios, and even driver figures. Moreover, the same intricate work applies to the design of molded body details like the batteries, floor jack with handle, oil cans, fire extinguisher, etc.

Another thing that is worth mentioning regarding the exterior design of this RC Desert Truck is its wheels. Not only are there four authentic replicas of full-scale tires mounted on the vehicle, but there are also spares. You will find two extra tires on the rear frame. What’s more, the frame itself contains a spare driveshaft which you can use for truck installation.

Moving forward, the dynamics of a real-like truck drive are delivered via a solid steel rear axle with twin Extreme-Travel GTR shocks that provide a smooth ride at each corner. The steel axles are accommodated in large steering blocks with oversized bearings.

Generally, what provides a thrilling driving experience when it comes to RC Baja Trucks are certainly the electronics. Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer can handle extreme 6S LiPo power thanks to its VXL-6s speed control. It flows current into the motor via Max Cable wiring equipped with 6mm connectors. LED status lights will inform you of ECS status, while hefty fans keep temperatures at a steady level.

Experienced users have noted, however, that the truck will deliver most optimal performance on a 4s LiPo battery. Putting in a 6s LiPo increases the risk of the suspension being overpowered. That will just result in more serious crashes.

The manufacturer claims that the 2200kV motor can make the racer run for more than 50mph. However, most users report that they failed to push the truck to run faster than 30mph, which is still rather fast. To top that off, the fully waterproof metal gear servo promises a gripping driving experience in all weather conditions.

While it might not be the easiest to handle, this truck is realistic to scale. Buying either Fox or RIGID Unlimited Desert Racer secures not only innovative design but also a fun-ensuring performance.

Traxxas Slash

Track / Short Course 


According to Traxxas, Slash sets technology, durability and performance standards in the category of RC short course trucks. It brings about a variety of innovative features which make it more predictable and easier to control. This Ready-to-Run truck comes fully assembled and with a painted body. You will not need to assemble it yourself. It is a scale replica of a CORR truck with authentic rims and tires, as well as a clean framework layout.

Speaking of the framework, the Slash boasts a monocoque chassis in an attempt to enhance durability and reduce the weight. The inventive modular simplicity of the racer allows for easy part removal in case of glitches or damage. Furthermore, the racer’s vital components are stored in the waterproof housing. That means that you can let it run through water, mud and even snow. What’s more, this type of housing deflects dirt and debris from the engine.

One of the features that Traxxas is most proud of is definitely the Traxxas Stability Management (TSM). TSM will give you a chance to experience the raw power and acceleration potential of the Slash on a number of terrains. The system minimizes the chances of control loss even in extreme conditions such as being run on ice. Thanks to its ultra-plush long-travel suspension, the Slash is capable of absorbing bumps and blows at the speed of up to 30mph. Although not the fastest specimen in the category of RC short course racers, users agree that it provides an accurate simulation of a full-scale racer.

In case you are new to RC Short Course racing, Traxxas Slash has a special treat for you. You can program the remote control to run in training mode. All you need to do is press a button that will limit the full-throttle power by 50%. Granted, doing that will not give you a chance to immediately run the truck at full speed. It will, nevertheless, give you a chance to get used to steering it before you start bashing it. Moreover, if you want to be on top of the truck’s performance, you can connect the RC with your iPhone or iPod. Basically, you can install a telemetry system at a reasonable cost. As a result, you will be able to keep track of the vehicle’s speed, engine temperature, and so on. As far as its durability on harsh terrains is concerned, you can rest assured that the Slash is equipped with sturdy metal gears and lasting plastic parts.

If you are looking for a truck that takes racing to a whole new level, this might be a perfect choice for you. While it may not be the fastest among trucks, it certainly offers desirable state-of-the-art features.  Thanks to its training mode, it is suitable for both children and adults. The innovative design of Traxxas Slash makes it fun to drive on any terrain, rain or shine.

Tecesy Fighter

Trail / Crawler


Tecesy Fighter-1 is one of the best big-wheel buggies you can get. Although one of the rare RC trucks that is not waterproof, this 1/12 scale reportedly performs well on any terrain. First and foremost, it is a fully functional shaft-driven 4wd with alloy differential gears and hydraulic pressure aluminum shock absorbers. The shocks, however, are not oil-filled.

The Fighter-1 comes with a brushed 390 class big power motor and a 220 ESC. The stock battery that comes with it is a 1500mah 7.4V Li-ion that will take about 2.5 hours to fully charge. The out-of-the-box setup will run the truck for up to 25mph on any terrain. The stock battery life, however, is not impressive, as it will run for up to 20 minutes at a time. If you plan to run your Fighter-1 for longer than that, we suggest you get backup batteries. Speaking of batteries, retailers often note two things about charging them. First off, if the red and blue lights flash alternately and the car does not move during pairing, it means that the truck’s battery needs recharging. Second, if the red and blue lights blink rapidly, the RC battery needs replacing. You will also be unable to make the Fighter-1 turn left or right if the RC battery is low. In any case, experienced users encourage full recharging after unboxing, right before taking it out for the first run.

The 2.4GHz transmitter comes with a cool lightweight arbitrary controller. The arbitrary feature makes the RC suitable both for right-hand and left-hand drivers. It requires four AA batteries to work, and they are not included in the kit. Both experienced users and retailers advise against running the truck in the rain or submerging it in water. Although the electronics are fully sealed, the motor is not. Thus, the vehicle does not qualify as waterproof. As far as running on harsh terrain is concerned, the buggy will perform just fine thanks to its abrasion proof and anti-skid rubber tires. It does not matter if you drive it off-road, or on sand and rocks. Not even mud, leaves, tall grass and small bushes will slow it down.

One thing that you should be careful about when running Fighter-1 is crashing it into other objects. Although big in size, this truck is not exactly perfect bashing material. Even rolling it over could cause damage such as broken shocks or broken headlights. On the other hand, the maintenance is quite easy, and you will not run into major problems when looking for spare parts. Some, like extra pinion gears and a set of Allen wrenches, will come with the kit. 

Overall, Tecesy Fighter-1 is an awesome-looking truck that is probably most suitable for a birthday or Christmas present for your kids. The manufacturer recommends adult supervision if a child under the age of 8 will be the driver. If you, your children or anyone you know are just getting into the hobby, this might be a perfect choice for you. It will provide loads of racing fun, with minimum damage if bashing is avoided.

Axial Yeti Score

Track / Short Course 


Axial is proud to present its Yeti Score RC Truck. In order to develop what they claim is a desert racer of their dreams, the company partnered with the top companies in the desert racing industry. Axial claims that Yeti Score is the ultimate 1/10-scale replica of one of Baja’s most beloved RC desert racers. Its realistic details and bold looks surely match that description. But how about its structure? The design of the racer’s main chassis makes it perfect for off-road terrains and desert drives. It reduces flex and deflects any kind of debris, while its additional ribs make it more sturdy and durable. Moreover, the fact that it has a separate bolt on four-link mounts allows for greater versatility in tuning options. Finally, the minimized length of the chassis actually boosts the truck’s firmness at high speeds.

The solid rear axle tubes are not only made from a durable composite material but are also fortified with a boxed-in truss. The tubes are not as flexible as those made from glass-filled nylon, but they are less fragile. Moving forward, the independent front suspension is one of the racer’s elements that Axial is most proud of. Direction-wise, this system enables a reasonably high level of control at high speeds. One of Axial’s partners on the project was King Shocks. The company has been dictating trends in suspension technology development for years. The 1/10-scale truck rocks authentic scale replicas of aluminum King Shocks. Much like their full-scale counterparts, the shock caps, springs, ride height adjusters, and rod ends are all in blue color.

Moreover, the epic-looking tires are adding to the fierce look of the RC desert racer. In fact, they are used under license from Michelin and thus ensure a high-level performance on any terrain. However, you should know that the wheels are compatible with most 2.2 / 3.0  short-course tires. Another thing to keep in mind is that the vehicle comes with one fully functional spare tire. You will find it in the rear cage. As far as its speed potential is concerned, reports vary. According to user reviews, it can run for anything between 25mph to 50mph. It might not be the greatest choice if you are all about speed. However, its brushless motor makes it ease over rocks, smaller branches, and medium-high grass smoothly. Additionally, if you replace the pinion, you might get the motor to put out some more power.

A thing that might be affecting the Yeti Score’s speed is its weight. To put it simply, it is very heavy. While this may be a disadvantage for those who are interested in racing it, it is an advantage for those who are looking for an authentic scale appearance. Thanks to its weight, this truck sways just like its full-scale counterpart. The fact that it comes with a number of waterproof elements gives Axial Yeti Score optimal performance on any type of terrain. It looks like a real racer truck thanks to its detailed design, and that makes it more fun. It might not be the fastest of racers, but it is nonetheless a head-turner. If you are into epic looks, then this is a perfect choice.

Team Associated SC10

Track / Short Course 


The SC10.3 by Team Associated is a revamped version of the most potent contender to Traxxas Slash, the SC10. Just as its predecessor, it is a scale replica of trucks seen in the Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series. It has won a number of awards, and it is a very popular vehicle on the market. SC10.3 is a perfect choice if you are just a newbie looking for your first RC truck. It offers top-notch performance, and it promises to turn you into an instant racing fan.

The truck comes with an extremely lightweight 2.4GHz transmitter. It has two channels and metal gear, as well as a metal high torque servo. It boasts a lightweight course racer truck body on a Low-Center-of-Gravity chassis that can run on virtually any terrain. Although the paint job is not the most intricate one you will see, it will be protected with a plastic film that you will have to remove. Four body clips are connecting the body to its framework.

What’s more, its soft-plastic front bumper is built to endure impact and is reinforced with a skid plate. However, there is no skid plate on the rear bumper. It only has two mud flaps. The independent suspension system is very durable, with four aluminum V2 coils over the shocks. The battery tray is incredibly convenient, as it does not require removing a large number of screws to get to it. Additionally, Team Associated made sure to provide a piece of foam you can insert to make different-sized batteries stay put.

The ECS is waterproof, and it comes complete with a fan and fins on top. You can either run the truck with LiPo or nickel-metal hydride batteries. The SC10.3 truck has powerful Reedy 3300kV motor in a black aluminum case. The case is given extra protection with a durable plastic motor guard to prevent any damage.

Moreover, the truck comes with aggressive high-traction tires that were designed for off-road driving. What makes them particularly interesting is that rear tires feature a spoke tread, while the front tires feature a dirt track tread. Furthermore, both front and rear tires contain foam inserts and are glued onto the wheels. Regardless of the fact that it is an entry-level vehicle, RC10.3 leaves a lot of space for further upgrading. It comes with a great lightweight body and a dependable suspension system. If you are still learning your way around RC short course trucks, this one is a perfect choice for you.

HPI Blitz

Rock Crawler

This 1/10 scale two-wheel-drive comes into the market at a time when RC race trucks are all the rage. At first glance, its outer looks do not exactly set it apart from other trucks in the category. However, peeking under its hood will make you fall in love with this vehicle. With the Blitz, HPI really hit a home run. Just like many RC short course trucks, the Blitz is assembled and ready to run straight out of the box. However, be prepared to spend some extra cash on batteries for both the vehicle and the radio. Some suppliers do not include them in the kit.

Although it does not have any extraordinary body features, it would be a sin to deny that the Blitz is a looker. The scale realism and the paint job of the Scorpion body are sure to turn a few heads. Much like all other HPI trucks, the Blitz is fitted with a comfortable 2.4GHz pistol-grip radio. The steering wheel will ensure superb steering control, while the system will prevent any frequency interference. What’s more, should you run out of battery signal or radio power, your truck will not crash immediately. You can rest assured that the electronic failsafe will bring everything to a safe stop.

As we already mentioned, you will probably have to look under the hood to fully appreciate this vehicle. The framework basis is the HPI famous E-Firestorm Platform, which ensures durability and top-notch driving quality. The wheelbase chassis was lengthened to give some extra stability to the vehicle. All critical areas of the truck are made from high-impact nylon plastic, which means they are highly resistant to impact. When driven, the truck will handle taking turns at any speed amazingly well. Thanks to its low-CG, you can expect minimal traction. The only possible downside to the setup is a relatively weak SF-10W stock servo. However, if you want to make the Blitz a powerful racer, you can easily replace it with a more advanced component.

Another downside to this otherwise awesome truck is that it is not entirely waterproof. Despite the label that says quite the opposite, you should not run this truck in rain or snow. It performs much better on dirt tracks than off-road. If you are willing to avoid puddles and mud, you will find the SC-15WP electronic speed controller highly satisfactory. It supports both aS LiPo and 6-cell as well as 7-cell NiMH batteries for powering up the Firebolt 15T brushed motor. Maintenance-wise, the battery pack is secured with a simple yet efficient thumbscrew. Now, that may not be everyone’s favorite choice, due to the fact that there are no spares in the kit. If they get lost, chances are you will not have a replacement right away. Experienced users argue that clips or screws would have been a better idea.

In any case, the HPI Blitz is definitely one of the best-looking RC trucks on the market. If off-road racing is not really your thing and you are looking for a great dirt track vehicle, this is it. It is by far the best-performing stock short course truck you will find.

Losi Baja Rey

Track / Short Course 

Dubbed the biggest competition to Axial Yeti Score, Losi’s Baja Rey Desert Truck is a realistic 1/10-scale short course racer. It comes in a box, pre-built in the factory and ready to run. Keep reading if you want to find out what makes it so popular. This desert racer has a state-of-the-art chassis that is sure to provide a realistic desert truck experience. Losi went all out in developing a truck framework that would balance out scale realism and 4WD capabilities. The aluminum chassis plate serves as a basis for an authentic scale roll cage. Moreover, this truck takes special pride in its fully functional independent long-travel front suspension and rear axle.

The body design is immaculately realistic, making Baja Rey look like a full-scale off-road truck. However, there is a downside to it. Namely, the entire cage is screwed down to the chassis. In order to separate the two, you need to remove twelve screws. We suggest that you use a cordless drill to save time. Like many other RC race trucks, Baja Rey has a brushless motor. Together with a waterproof 130A ESC, the 3800Kv motor makes for a potent electric power system. The best part about the power system is its accessibility. It is conveniently placed on the bottom of the chassis, with only three screws holding the lid.

What particularly differentiates Baja Rey from other RC desert trucks are its enclosed battery box and the rear battery door. The power system can handle 2S and 3S LiPo batteries. You will need to purchase them separately, as they do not come with the truck. It shows impressive power from the dead stop. Depending on the terrain and weather conditions, it can run at speeds between 25mph and 45mph. The stock servo is one of several waterproof parts on this truck. Though it could offer a decent amount of steering control, experienced users recommend replacing it with a more powerful aftermarket unit.

Baja Rey’s sturdy build and raw power make it perfect for aggressive driving on most fields. Its aggressive tires were made to tackle tough terrains, including up to several inches of grass and smaller rocks. Bashing with the truck will result in a minimal body and chassis damage. Indeed, you can run it on the pavement as well, but it will exhibit the highest performance off-road. 

Finally, user experience shows that the racer can be quite an off-road beast after a few tweaks. On the whole, it has a great body and cage, wheels made for off-road rage, and loads of power. If you are into customizing and bashing RC trucks, then Losi Baja Rey Desert Truck should be your number one pick. Though it may not be a perfect truck, it is certainly a solid buy

RedCat Racing Blackout SC

Rock Racer

If you want an truck that will give you an adrenaline rush, then look no further than Redcat Racing Blackout. This realistic 1/10 scale monster truck is sold at very reasonable prices in both brushed and brushless version. First of all, do not let the Redcat Racing Blackout XTE’s affordability fool you. The vehicle looks anything but cheap. Both the truck and the SUV body are made of seemingly thin but durable plastic. Although they both look cool, users report that the SUV body is more prone to breaking upon impact.

As far as the material used for components is concerned, Redcat went all out. You will see steel driveshaft and axles, thick aluminum front and rear shock towers and large shocks. The stock parts are made of first-rate composite plastic, but you can get aluminum kits and upgrade the vehicle to improve its durability. Moving on, the stock tires that arrive with the vehicle are a bit narrower than the ones you can see on Traxxas Stampede. However, they are nearly identical in terms of design, and are, therefore, the best stock tires you will find.

The greatest feature of this RTR monster truck is that most of the parts are interchangeable. For example, if one of your suspension arms gets broken, you can use any of the spare suspension arms from the kit. It does not matter if it is left or right, front or rear – all four are identical. Similarly, the steering hubs, hub carriers, bumpers and diff units are all interchangeable front to rear. Now, most companies brag about their electronics being waterproof. However, once tested, most of them prove to be only water-resistant. In that respect, the Blackout XTE will come as a great surprise. The vehicle has proven to perform normally not only in snow but also after being thoroughly washed under a tap. Now, that does not mean you should go and completely submerge the truck under water. It does, however, mean you will be able to run it even on rainy days.

Next, the stock steering servo might be a little slow for an experienced RC racer. However, it will not ruin the overall bashing experience. Experienced users claim that the handling gets much easier after some thicker oil is added to the shocks. In case you are big on long airtime during jumps, consider placing the threaded collars a bit lower. Aside from the obvious difference in body design, another stark difference between the two models is the motor. One model has an RC550 brushed motor, while the other has a 3800kV brushless motor. Both come with an electronic speed controller and a 2.4GHz radio system. On the other hand, one of the few possible downsides to a Redcat RC trophy track is the lack of effortless maintenance. Namely, even though most parts are interchangeable, they are not easily obtainable either online or in local hobby stores.

Finally, both the brushed and the brushless versions run at speeds between 30mph to 40mph. While that definitely does not make them the fastest on the market, it does make them suitable even for newbies. Its affordability and durability just add to the reputation of a great first RC truck. Therefore, choosing the Redcat Racing Blackout XTE cannot be a wrong decision.

ECX Torment

Rock Crawler

Are you in search of a superior vehicle that would destroy all other RC race trucks? Are you looking for a truck that will dominate any terrain, but still be within your price range? Either way, take a few moments to read about the ECX Torment 2wd truck. It might be just what you are looking for. Veterans to RC trophy Racing know that the Torment has been around for quite some time. This super slender model comes fully assembled and ready to run straight out of the box. That means that it arrives equipped with batteries for both the vehicle and the radio transmitter. To top it all off, ECX added a fast charger to the kit, so you will be running this truck around the track in no time.

The new and upgraded Spektrum radio has a shark-fin-like antenna which is not prone to snapping easily. As a result, the radio is more durable. What’s more, the Dynamite charger that we mentioned has signal lights to let you know when it is charging. You will surely agree that it makes it very user-friendly. The vehicle sports a Dynamite 20T brushed motor by Horizon. It comes with a 6-cell NiMH stock battery, but it can support even 2S LiPos. The reason why we mention possible upgrades to the battery is that the stocker will produce very soft power. Unless you are a newbie, you will want it to go faster than 20mph. However, if you are just learning how to handle RC short course trucks, the 1800mah stock battery will do the trick.

Bear in mind that the stock charger is only compatible with the stock NiMH that comes with the truck. Although the chassis is generally very lightweight, the rear end is noticeably heavier than the front. It is not springy, which means that the suspension will soak up any jolts. Regardless of the fact that it is a stock truck, the Torment will run fairly straight on any harsh terrain. If you decide to add heavier oil to the shocks, you will be amazed by the ease with which it runs over any rough patches.

Speaking of running over rough patches, we should not forget the tires. The Torment comes with Dynamite Speedtreads tires glued onto Shootout wheels. The tires are filled with foam, thus allowing for a decent grip on most surfaces. At first touch, however, they feel slightly too stiff, as if they were designed for hard ground. As far as bashing is concerned, the Torment is definitely one of the most durable RC trucks on the market. Users report smashing it into concrete walls and flying off a two-story roof without causing any serious damage to it. The truck is virtually indestructible in pretty much all weather conditions and on any terrain.

Overall, the Torment is one of the best budget RC racing trucks on the market. You can literally smash it against pretty much anything, bash it around in any weather, and it will still survive. Indeed, there are many things you can (and will probably want to) tweak But you will definitely not be disappointed if you buy it.

Exceed SC Rally Monster

Rock Crawler

The Rally Monster Brushless Pro is one of the top-class RC short course trucks. Exceed tirelessly works on improving speed, adjustability, and durability of its vehicles, and this one is no exception. This 4wd comes pre-assembled, painted and ready to run. The kit includes a stock charger that is compatible only with the stock battery. Bear in mind that it might take two to three hours to fully charge the 7-cell NiMH battery. If you are looking to upgrade it, you can use a 2S LiPo, as well.

The Rally Monster comes with a standard 2.4GHz radio transmitter. Looking at the options that it offers, it is great to see that you can turn down the throttle sensitivity and go in reverse. Some fine tuning options are always welcome. The transmitter is powered by 4 AA batteries, which means it is very long-lasting. The only possible downside to it is that the distance at which it can control the vehicle does not exceed 40 yards. At first glance, the Rally Monster might seem a tad smaller than other 1/10 scale trucks. Some professionals would say it looks more like a 1/12 scale. Be that as it may, it is quite a handsome vehicle, not to mention that it does run all standard 1/10 scale components. Basically, its slightly smaller size only improves the power to weight ratio and the truck’s performance on the track.

The body is made from standard lexan, which makes it extremely lightweight and durable. Under the body, you will find an aluminum top plate that holds all components in place. What sets this truck apart from its counterparts is the aluminum framework atypical of RTRs. The truck boasts an adjustable servo saver and steel-threaded turnbuckles. That means that the suspension system is fully adjustable. Finally, the front and rear oil-filled shocks are made from aluminum as well. The gearbox is fully enclosed, thus prolonging its life and keeping the debris out. The same kind of protection is applied to the motor. The 12T brushless motor will run the truck really fast even on stock battery.  It can reportedly go for 25mph to 30mph. Furthermore, experienced users reported losing control, so the programmable 45 amp ESC will come in very handy. The fan on top of it will keep everything nice and cool.

On the other hand, the robust front and rear bumpers have proven to be prone to bending on impact. Aside from that, the Rally Monster will reportedly rip the dirt like no other truck. Reports show that the truck is a serious bashing material, as it can endure harsh terrains and serious smashing. As far as wheels and tires go, the Rally Monster will not hit the top lists. Although the manufacturer advertises chrome plated rims and off-road treaded tires, you can expect far less than that. The rims are prone to breaking when they come into contact with pebbles or smaller stones. Additionally, the tires will underperform on off-road obstacle courses, as they will lack firm grip.

Now, this kind of a setup will surely provide an extreme off-road experience. The motor has proven to be both reliable and durable in harsh conditions. The truck is extremely responsive and will provide loads of fun. Overall, Exceed Rally Monster is a great product for a reasonable price.

Finals Notes

If you have reached the end of our seemingly endless list of trucks, you now know a whole bunch of things about the most popular vehicles. But, believe us, learning about them is not the hard part. It is picking out one that you really want.

The first thing that you will want to consider if you are new to the hobby is how easy it is to drive the truck. On the whole, brushed motor racers have proven to be easier to handle. On the other hand, if you are looking for a truck that will give you an authentic racing experience, you should purchase something with a brushless motor.

Second, you probably noticed that we only suggested RTR models. Indeed, building your own RC track racer is an awesome concept. But, if you are looking for a hobby that you can keep under a budget, ready-to-run vehicles are a sure way to go.

Third, consider the terrain prior to actually buying the truck. Not every model will perform equally on pavement, dirt, grass, sand, rocks, etc. Moreover, not every vehicle is fully waterproof, so you will also have to consider if you want to run it in rain or snow, or through puddles.

RC Short Course Racers may not be exactly what you are looking for. There are countless types of RC Trucks to discover on 10TrailTruck.

All in all, we hope that our list of best short course and desert racers for 2018 was helpful. Have fun racing!

There is no denying the awesomeness of heavy machinery. We can all remember admiring the sheer size and power of construction equipment in action. Wishing as a kid we could ride in one or even possibly operate one later in life.

Even as adults it can be pretty memorizing watching a excavator make small work of a somewhat challenging task. Reality is, simply jumping in and operating heavy construction equipment is not realistic and requires years of training and certifications. 

But not all is lost. You and your kids can operate a excavator or front loader after all! Or even build a full-on construction site in your own backyard. Enter the world of RC Construction Equipment.

“You are going to love operating Remote Controlled Construction equipment. Possibly even more so than your kids. Don’t say I didn’t warn you”

I got my first RC Excavator form a local hobby shop years ago. It was a spontaneous purchase and I had no expectations. I bought it for the looks and figured it would be good fun in the sand box out back. Little did I know I would forever be hooked on RC Construction vehicles.

When it comes to RC construction equipment, there are many options available today. Whether you need a fantastic little RC loader or a scale replica RC dump truck – chances are you will be able to get your hands on a great kit.

However, not all RC construction equipment is made equal. I developed this article to help you find the best loaders, dumpers, and excavators that I have had the best luck with. Over the years I have tried a lot of different dirt moving RC’s, and to be fair, not many really fulfilled my expectations. After all, who would want to buy something that’s utterly useless out of the box.

So, to make matters simple for you, the following buyers guide will help you discover the best, affordable RC construction vehicles you can buy. But first it’s important to know a little bit about the categories of RC Construction Vehicles and why they very drastically in price.

“There are toy grade RC Construction Kits and Hobby Grade Hydraulic Replica’s costing 10K+”

Many of you will be on the hunt for a fun RC toy to play with in the yard or with the kids. My recommendations are based on realistically affordable, yet good RC Construction choices. If you are a serious enthusiast you may be looking into Hobby grade all metal hydraulic RC’s. These are serious units easily costing $10,000 and beyond. Something of this caliber requires a more in-depth level of research. From my experience the Wedico and Vario are some of the best high end units you can buy.

So what’ are the best value RC Construction Vehicles? Let dive into the guide below.

Budget friendly RC construction toys 

Huina RC Excavator

The Hiuna 510 RC Excavator is a beautiful model if you are looking for a budget-friendly version. Sure, it probably doesn’t have as much power as the Vario John Deere excavator, but overall, it provides a lot of fun, and it’s a great thing to add to your backyard RC construction collection.

At first glance, it seems that there’s a lot going on with this model. It comes with eleven functions, which are really easy to implement with the remote control. It can go right and left, backward and forward. You can also change the bucket incline (for dumping), and the arm itself can move in two ways. The lower part goes up and down, and the upper part of the arm can also fold to help you get the machine into the right position.

Just like with other Hiuna products, you cannot expect it to be entirely made of alloy. So, the bucket, the bulldozer, and the cab are all made of alloy, whereas the rest of the machine is made of plastic.

Now, the remote control on this model is what gives it an excellent quality to price ratio. It looks just like regular Hiuna controllers, but this time, it has more buttons. Therefore, you will find a mute and a demo button. It also has the regular sticks used for moving the excavator. The two buttons on the top of the remote control allow you to control the shovel (it goes up or down) and the bucket (up). The button that gets the bucket down is just below it.

In terms of radio frequency, it uses the regular 2.4Ghz, which can range up to 328ft. And, when it comes to the overall design, you won’t be disappointed.

The rubber caterpillar is durable and strong enough to go over almost any type of terrain. It’s also wear-resistant, and it grips well to the ground. Therefore, while you’re playing, it won’t stumble that easily upon small rocks.

The driving cab also has a 360° rotation, and there are also sound effects and LED lights, which will allow you to play even at night. So, even if you’re just buying this for your child, you will be completely dazzled by the quality and the resemblance to the real machine. There is also a 15CH Huina 1550 Version thats worth checking out. Click to see the Huina 1551

Product features

  • Weight: about 4 lbs
  • Remote control (requires two 1.5 AA batteries)
  • Excavator battery: 400mAH 6V Ni-Cd
  • Charging: USB charging cable (included in the package)
  • Durable alloy bucket
  • Running time: about 15 minutes
  • Charging time: about 3 hours
  • 11 channel functions
  • Separate controls for the bucket and the digging arm

Huina RC Dumper

Now, this Huina RC Dumper is probably one of the best budget toys on this list. Even though it falls into the “we’re on a budget” category, the quality of it is undeniable – and just wait until you see how it drives.

In the package, the model comes pre-assembled, and you also get the remote control and the USB battery charger. Once everything is set up, and the battery is fully charged, you’re ready to go.

It drives like a tank, which might confuse you at first. However, controlling it is quite simple; the remote control has only a few buttons. It also has headlights in the front and taillights in the back of the dumper, so when you’re going backward, they will turn on, and vice versa.

Overall, if you are looking for a decent and fun dumper, this model is one of the best choices. It’s agile enough to drive relatively fast, and the bucket itself functions beautifully. It has a good incline, which means that you will easily dump anything out of it. Furthermore, the button that you will use for the dumping out doesn’t allow for gear grinding. So, even if you hold the button for a long time, the bucket will just go up and down, without any damage done to the dumper itself.

The tires on this little dumper are made of high-quality rubber, and they feature a great pattern. Because of that, you can rest assured that this dumper will go smoothly over almost any kind of terrain and obstacles.

Lastly, you ought to know something about the quality. Don’t let the price fool you – this dumper is worth every penny. Not only does it work exceptionally, but it’s also well-designed and realistic-looking. Plus, if you get any other RC construction toys, you will surely have a lot of fun digging and dumping.

Product features

  • 6 channel controls: backward, forward, left, right, bucket rise and bucket decline.
  • 2.4Ghz radio system (the transmitter requires two 1.5V AA batteries – not included)
  • Real-life design
  • Made of metal and ABS plastic (non-toxic materials)
  • Gross weight: about 1.6kg
  • Charging time: about 2 hours
  • Running time: about 25 minutes
  • Battery: 4.8V 400mAh (comes with the dumper)
  • Transmitter batteries: two 1.5V AA (not included)
  • Dimensions: length: 280mm, width: 155mm, height: 150mm.

Huina RC Alloy Shovel Loader

Now, if you’re not really into spending a lot of money on a collector’s piece, and you just want to play in the backyard, then this Huina RC Alloy Shovel Loader is a good choice.

It might not be as high-quality as the Wedico one, but it works just as well. However, there are few things you should take into consideration.

First of all, only the bucket and the top of this model are made of alloy. The rest is made of plastic, so you cannot count on its durability. Nevertheless, the alloy parts seem to be reliable, and they should prove to be useful while playing, considering that they have meticulous details on them.

Second, the tires on this model are really good-looking. They have the classic pattern, which is necessary for driving the truck over dirt and rough terrain. However, because it’s a bit lightweight (since it’s mostly plastic), it can seem a bit wobbly sometimes. It weighs just over 3 lbs.

In the package, you will also get the transmitter, which uses two AA batteries. The transmitter works quite well with the model, and it has the basic functions you will need. Furthermore, the model also comes with a USB charger.

The loader comes pre-assembled, and that’s a big plus if you’re not that versed in building or modifying RC.

One of the downsides might be the fact that the model seems a bit small. So, if you have a Huina dumper, the bucket might not go as far up as you would like it. But, if you still want to use it, just place the dumper a bit lower to the ground. It will work wonderfully then.

Product features

  • 2.4GHZ frequency.
  • Multiplayer support.
  • Can be used both indoor and outdoor.
  • Battery: 4.8V 400mAh
  • Transmitter battery: two 1.5V AA batteries
  • Battery life: about 15 minutes. You have to charge it as soon as you get the truck.
  • 6-channel loader functions: the digging arm can go up and down, and the bucket tilts up and down. Regular left, right, forward and backward movements are also present.
  • Black and yellow design which resembles the original loaders.
  • On/Off switch in the back.
  • Dimensions: length: 16.2”, width: 7.9”, height: 6.5”

Fistone Tower Crane

A budget-friendly tower crane is not that difficult to find, but this Huina model has both the best price and the excellent quality.

At first glance, the design looks a bit simple. Yet, the features are up to standard. The tower crane has all the basic movement functions – it can go left, right, backward and forward. Furthermore, the crane has a 360° rotation, and the crane arm goes up and down rather smoothly.

The sound effects are also magnificent. Once you turn them on, it sounds like a mighty tower crane, which is what you definitely want. And, there are colorful lights too! But, if you find these features a bit annoying, don’t worry – you can safely turn them off.

It’s made entirely out of non-toxic materials, so if your child wants to play too, there’s no reason to worry about it. It has an alloy hook, which is as strong as it can be when it comes to budget-friendly products. However, the rest of the model is made of ABS plastic and premium rubber.

Overall, this tower crane is a versatile model that will surely take your backyard construction company to a whole new level. And, given the fact that the hook can lift up to 11 lbs, it will definitely be a great addition to your collection. The tower crane itself weighs only about 4.5 lbs, and it’s not that big, so you will easily find storage for it too.

If you are an RC enthusiast, you will undoubtedly enjoy this toy. However, the kids will love it too. It’s easy to use, and it works well on almost any sort of terrain. Furthermore, the remote control has a frequency range of up to 328ft, and there won’t be any interferences if you play with other RC toys at the same time.

Product Features

  • Die-cast alloy hook
  • Rubber caterpillar with 680-degree workbench rotation
  • A 22-inch foldable lifting arm
  • 2.4Ghz radio frequency with anti-jamming support
  • Great resemblance to a real tower crane
  • Working time: about 20 minutes
  • Charging time: about 2 to 3 hours
  • USB rechargeable battery set (includes a 7.2V 400mAh Ni-CD battery)
  • Colorful lights and fantastic sound effects
  • Remote control (two 1.5V AA batteries not included)
  • Dimensions: height: 23.6”, length: 11”, width: 6.6”

​Huina Forklift

If you’ve noticed the “tower crane” in the subtitle, then you’ve probably guessed it. This machine is actually a 2-in-1 product that will certainly give you endless enjoyment while playing.

Unlike some other cheaper forklift models, this Huina forklift has many alloy parts. For starters, the whole frame is made of alloy, as well as the forks, the hook and the cage/cab. The forks look almost exactly like the real thing, and they are incredibly strong as well.

Given the fact that this model is somewhat big, it’s no wonder it can lift a lot in one go. However, make sure that you are stabilizing the objects you’re transporting. The pallet may wobble a bit if there isn’t enough weight on both sides of it.

Nevertheless, you can simply ignore that small downside and focus on the engineering behind this forklift. It’s well-made, and the material that the manufacturer used feels and looks quite durable. Also, the forklift comes in a yellow and black design, so it’s not going to stick out among your other machines. Don’t worry – your collection will remain exquisite!

Because this model is a 2-in-1, it was necessary to make a comprehensive controller for it. And, you won’t be disappointed with it. In case you ever forget how to use the controller, keep the box somewhere. It has all the instructions you may need.

The controller itself is similar to other Huina controllers, but it has additional functions. It comes with four main buttons and two control sticks. For going forward and backward, and left and right, you’re going to use the sticks.

However, if you want an auto demonstration, there’s a special button for that. The four buttons form a circle, so the controller is quite easy to use. The buttons on the left and right are for auto demonstration and sound. Meanwhile, you will use the up and down buttons for bringing the fork, or the hook, up or down. Furthermore, the 2.4Ghz controller has a long-distance range (30 meters), and even if you have additional RC’s operating at the same time, the frequency will stay stable.

Bear in mind, though, that you will probably have some trouble getting the forks in the right position. It’s quite easy to do, but it takes a bit of adjusting. However, the good news is that you can adjust them arbitrarily to accommodate the weight and the size of the objects you’re transporting.

In the end, when you properly test the forklift, you’ll see how efficient it is. It can even lift some of your other RC toys, so when you’re in the backyard, you won’t have to get your toy manually. Just use the forklift and watch the magic happen!

Overall, this forklift features a great design and exceptional details. And, given the fact that its battery life is a bit longer than usual, it is a winner for most RC construction lovers.

Product features

  • 2.4Ghz well-labeled controller (requires four 1.5V AA batteries)
  • 8-channel operation
  • Strong transmitter frequency
  • Battery: 7.2V (included in the package)
  • Controller: four 1.5V AA (not included)
  • USB cable for battery charging
  • Durable alloy parts
  • A pallet for lifting almost any suitable object you can think of
  • Playing time: about 30 minutes
  • Charging time: 3 to 4 hours
  • Possible add-on: a flat cart
  • Dimensions: length: about 57cm, width: about 20cm, height: about 33cm

Key Points to consider before buying any RC construction vehicles

As you have seen, RC construction equipment is no laughing matter. Well, except if you use it for household chores and scaring your dog. However, even though it provides you with multiple ways of having fun, finding the best quality products can sometimes be tricky.

Here are some factors you should take into consideration when purchasing RC construction vehicles:

  • Be aware of the shipping time. Just like you’ve seen with the high-end models, most of them have long shipping times. Therefore, if you don’t have time to spare, it might be a good idea to opt for budget-friendly versions instead. However, if you are more than willing to pay extra for top-notch quality, even the long shipping time won’t burst your bubble of happiness.
  • Check the materials. Even if you are just buying these products for yourself, it’s always wise to make sure that the manufacturer doesn’t use any toxic materials. These models often have small parts that can end up on the floor or somewhere in your backyard. Thus, your children and your pets can easily scoop them up and try to eat them. Furthermore, try to pick models that are made of durable materials. They can contain plastic, but if everything is made of plastic, there’s a slim chance the machines will do exactly what they should.
  • Make sure the instruction manual is detailed. Not only will this make your life easier, but you will also finish the construction fast – that means more play time for you. The instructions should be detailed and to the point. Also, preferably in English as well, unless you know Chinese or German.
  • Be aware that the more they cost, the more details they’ll have. Therefore, if you decide to purchase a cheaper model, don’t be surprised if it’s not an exact replica of an original. If they are well-built, they will still function the same way – they just won’t look as good as the original. However, if you have pennies to spare, don’t be afraid to invest in high-end models. They are exceptional collector’s items, and even if you never use them for digging, dumping and transporting, the sole engineering invested in the design is worth the price tag.
  • Don’t forget to have fun. When purchasing RC construction toys or vehicles, you might get carried away and decide that it’s best not to let your kids play with the trucks. However, these toys are meant to bring you joy, whether you are a collector or just an enthusiast. Therefore, don’t forget to try them out and really let your imagination flow.


You can go with high-end or budget-friendly. However, both versions will give you the right amount of fun and the enjoyment you seek. The versatility of these machines is uncanny, and the more machines you have, the more fun you’ll secure for yourself. Plus, there’s always something that needs digging!

Having an RC construction company in your backyard is a blast! – and if you cannot have a real one in real life, who’s stopping you from playing with almost exact replicas in the comfort of your own home?